Clear WHS provides an automated process for the delivery and acceptance of Risk Assessment/SWMS to Contractors/Employees and to the Client Manager, if required, for each Work Order when the Work Order is being actioned.

This is so that you can be assured that we are using your own SWMS template with your own logos and structure and that are fit for purpose for your business. It also protects the investment that you have already made in producing this SWMS template. In the next release we shall be providing a standard SWMS based upon the legal template for the particular country that you work in. You will have the choice to use either your own SWMS or the standard offering.

No. You first register the Company as a main contractor. You then specify how many employees you wish to register and pay the licence fee associated with that number of employees. You do have to register each employee so that we have their details and their email address but you only pay the one annual licence fee.

Yes, you can pay on a monthly recurring basis. The contract is an annual contract and so you commit to an annual term but paid monthly.

No, you only register once. You get Work Orders from different sources and you input the Work Order number into the system. The Work Order number is updated onto the Risk Assessment/SWMS or SWP/SWMS or SWP and the Risk Assessment/SWMS or SWP/SWMS or SWP is sent to you or the employee/contractor doing the work.

The main method is that it gets delivered and sent back is via the App. If there is no network signal at the work location then by signing on to the App, for example, before you leave home or the office any scheduled Risk Assessment/SWMS or SWP/SWMS or SWP will be downloaded to your mobile device before you start your journey.

The employees/contractors still sign the Risk Assessments/SWMS/SWPs before they start the work. The App dates and timestamps the signature so there is an electronic record of when the signature was done. They can then start the work. When a network signal is re-acquired the signed document is uploaded to the central system. The date/time of the signature as well as the date/time of the upload is recorded.

You specify which employee/contractor the Risk Assessment/SWMS or SWP/SWMS or SWP has to be sent to. It is then downloaded via the App. They can also download the Risk Assessment/SWMS or SWP before they start their journey.

Then they are working illegally and at risk. The system records the date/time the Risk Assessments/SWMS/SWPs were created and the date/time that they were downloaded by the employee/contractor. The system also records the last time the employee/contractor logged onto the system so you will know if they are using the system or not and whether they are signing the documents before they start the work. All of this means that you can prove that you have done everything in your power to ensure the employee/contractor is working safely aware of the risks.

No. Each Sub-contractor company has to be registered in their own right. When you sub-contract a Work Order then the sub-Contractor becomes responsible for doing the Risk Assessment/SWMS or SWP. They then have to send you the Risk Assessment/SWMS or SWP before they can invoice for the job. They have to do the Risk Assessment/SWMS or SWP and should send it to the Client Manager before they start the job. They can register to use the CLEAR-WHS system or they can use their own Risk Assessment/SWMS or SWPs. However, if they are not using CLEAR-WHS then they will still be using paper.

Yes. All you need do is to update your registration and pay the difference. You can then register additional staff members.

They cannot be picked up automatically at this time however we are currently finishing work on an intelligent import facility that will allow you to import the Work order into the system. The system will then allow you to choose the Work Order and will then import the details to the SWMS/SWP statements automatically.

The biggest saving will be on administrative resource cost but there are additional savings on paper, ink cartridges, paper storage, fuel costs as your employees/contractors do not have to travel to pick up paper documents, employee/contractor travel time meaning they can get to the jobs quicker. When you consider the wages of office staff to create, distribute, manage, and scan plus the other savings already mentioned we estimate that you will be saving money within 2-3 months. You also have the fact that you now manage the risk of expensive legal action against the company and the initial cost of this solution now also becomes a very cost effective type of business insurance policy.