Benefits for your company

To enjoy the cost savings and the peace of mind that you are legally protected simply click on


Save money by reducing the time it takes to prepare new SWMS or modify existing SWMS by doing it in a web browser. Specify the steps even whilst you are assessing the job.

Save money on paper usage, printing costs, handling costs, distribution and storage costs.


By fully complying with the current WHS legislation and using a system that forces, assures and proves that you and your workers are thinking pro-actively about risk and safety thereby reducing the risk of accident.


Work digital with Smart phones/tablets instead of paper. Saving time, money, effort and hassle and remove the need for handling paper in the office and at the workplace.


Assure yourself and your clients that they are legally and morally protected as the SWMS have auditable signatures before the work starts. Date and time stamp of the signatures gives absolute clarity of the Risk Assessment.


An automated, digital and paperless system of creating, modifying and managing SWMS that increases your efficiency and productivity, protects the safety of your workers whilst protecting the Company and Senior Management from costly litigation.