Clear WHS provides an automated process for the delivery and acceptance of Risk Assessment/SWMS to Contractors/Employees and to the Client Manager, if required, for each Work Order when the Work Order is being actioned.
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Signup and Register

  1. You register your Company to use the service paying a flat annual or a recurring monthly fee. The fee depends upon the size of your Company and the number of employees, see Payment Plans.
  2. The main contact email address that you use to register will then be sent an email with their logon details and a link to the mobile App.
  3. You send us a copy of your SWMS template as an attachment using the Contact Us page or you choose to use the one we provide based upon the Country's standard. (See FAQ 1)
  4. We update the SWMS template with some system parameters and save it as a Master templates for use by your company and your employees only.
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Register your Employees

  1. You then register each of your employees / contractors giving us their name and email address.
  2. Each Employee / contractor will then be sent an email with their logon details and a link to the mobile App which they need to download and install from the Google Play Store.
  3. We then send you an email that you can start using the system.
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risk assessment

Create your SWMS

  1. You now need to create your SWMS. You do this using the browser to specify the steps including the risks, hazards and controls (See Video on creating steps).
  2. Creating each SWMS takes minutes and there is the facility to cut and paste or drag and drop from existing documents into the browser fields.
  3. New SWMS can be based upon previously created SWMS as a start point. Steps can be deleted and added as required.
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Send SWMS to Workers

  1. You logon to the system and input the Work Order number, some work order details, the place of work, the Client Manager (if required) and assign the trade personnel to the job to do the work. (See FAQ 10) You also choose the SWMS/SWP that you created earlier and allocate them.
  2. The system then automatically selects the SWMS that you have selected, substitutes the details that you have supplied for the job into the template statement and sends these to the employees or contractor(s) selected along with an email informing them that they should logon to the system.
  3. The employee accesses the system using the mobile App from their mobile. The SWMS and or SWP’s for each Work Order are then downloaded to their device as a PDF.
  4. The employee(s) or contractor then read the SWMS/SWP statement(s) and sign them on the App indicating that they have read and understood the risks associated to the task.
  5. The App dates and timestamps the signature(s) and sends the completed PDF back to the main system.
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Send SWMS to Workers
SWMS Management & Audit

SWMS Management & Audit

  1. The App then uploads the signed statements to the main system where you can retain and manage the signed statements.
  2. The system then sends a copy of the signed statement to the Client Manager (if required).
  3. When you are ready to invoice for the work you download the signed statement(s) and attach them to the Invoice. This proves that you are conforming to all Health & Safety regulations. Now you, your staff, your Service Manager and your Client can be assured in the knowledge that you are working legal and safe.
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